Thrive In Five: Where are You Putting Your Attention?

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Hello everyone, and today’s topic is where are you putting your attention? I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman and let’s dig right in. Are you looking for status as a great doctor or consistent and predictable practice growth? If your attention is on constant and never-ending improvement, well then, that is the mindset of all successful practitioners. Please recognize that beating the competition is not your goal. It’s just ego based. Beating your performance yesterday or last week or last month or last year is always the goal.

Is your attention on selling your technique or is it on selling chiropractic? So many in our profession mistakenly try to impress their patients with their technique, when you should find ways to influence the patient’s thinking about chiropractic, about the body being self healing, about the supremacy of the brain and the nervous system, and about your mastery of chiropractic analysis and chiropractic correction or adjusting.

Is your attention on the patient hearing what they need to hear or does every patient hear the exact same thing from you? The most effective communicators customize their communication to the patient in front of them. They listen carefully and adapt in the moment. It’s so important to personalize what you have to say, and that’s easy to do if you’re shifting your attention to making it a priority. As Joe Polish would say, personal branding is fine if your business and your life are working. Are they? Is your business and your life working perfectly?

If you’re beyond thrilled with your practice and your life, good for you and I want to take your seminar, but if your practice and life need improvement, any improvement, even minor improvement, where is your attention? Please make an honest assessment of your life. Where are your strengths? And where are your weaker areas? Highlight your strengths, but focus on turning your weaker areas into strengths and growth will happen organically for you.

I’m sure you realize that putting emphasis on the wrong things in your practice will take away from the value you provide to your patients. So please remember the 20, 80 principle that tells us that 20% of our actions create 80% of our results. The best in class docs know how to locate the 20% actions that produce the best, fastest, and longest lasting clinical outcomes. This is such an important concept that’s so easy to apply and connect with.

And finally, it’s important to recognize that if the patient doesn’t see the value for them in what you do, they’re leaving no matter how marvelous you are or your technique is. It’s all about benefits, ladies and gentlemen, benefits to the patient. What’s in it for them? That’s how to communicate. How will it make their life better? Be specific and give details. How will it make their health improve? Will it give them more energy? Will they sleep more soundly? Will they have greater endurance? Will their digestion improve? Will their skin get smoother? Will their mind be less racing? Will they eat healthier or emotionally eat?

You see, you’ve got to give them the value of not only feeling better, but more important, functioning better. This is what you must pay attention to and this is exactly how you create value in your patient’s mind. Where attention goes, energy flows. Please brand that into your brain. Where attention goes, energy flows. This is the mindset of the successful growing, expanding, and profitable practitioner.

We’ll be back again next week with another Thrive In Five, just for you. If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me,, or call me at (800) 451-4514. Have yourself a terrific day and a great week.