Twenty Years Later

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Dear Doctor:

I remember the stench of the electrical fires out on my beach, thirty miles east of the Twin Towers, the acrid odor of burning wire and metal. I remember the shock of violation. I remember the relief of hearing from our son, who was attending New York University, a mile from Ground Zero.

And, I remember how our citizens pulled together, with compassion and kindness, choosing to unify and forget our differences, at least for a little while, so we could restore some degree of normalcy.

The attackers could scarcely have expected those buildings to crumble. It was more about disruption, making trouble, the intention of which was to expose the frailties of democracy, to show that normal people cannot handle freedom, and must have a doctrine defining how to think, act and feel.

So the question is, looking at our culture twenty years later, did the terrorists get their outcome? Where is the camaraderie, the willingness to challenge behaviors and perspectives without vilifying each other? There has never been such enmity and division. We are polarized in almost every aspect of life – politically, financially, spiritually, and now, around the best way to heal our suffering.

Americans are defiant, independent, passionate – otherwise we couldn’t have initiated this grand experiment. But I learned long ago from Jean Houston that our weaknesses are often our strengths turned up too high – defiance, independence and passion left to run wild yield a monocular view, and a lust to trample the opposition until they come around to your way of thinking and acting.

The net effect? In an effort to crystallize an optimal approach, the authorities have attempted to eliminate all but their point of view, truly un-American — what happened to the democratic process?

The sad part is, if this vaccine did what vaccines are supposed to do, there would be less adversity – but this vaccine is actually gene therapy, untested over any significant time frame, and without the normal vetting process. Unvaccinated people are being ostracized and blamed while vaccinated people can get, spread, and die from the virus with “breakthrough” infections. The number of side effects, according to the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System, has now surpassed the number of deaths – in fact, between 2000-2020, 1005 deaths from vaccines were reported, and in less than a year, VAERS attributed 14,506 deaths to COVID vaccines. Isn’t that worth at least a conversation?

Yet, in the guise of having no other choice, they continue to champion these drugs, while pockets of resistance ask different questions and get different answers. Is masking good? Is ivermectin bad? Does Vitamin D help? How could it be, for the first time ever, that there is just one right answer?

If only we could rediscover the path to harmonious discourse, allow for minority viewpoints, and forge a hybrid approach which ignores nothing and balances everything. But the hysteria obscures the fundamental issue between medicine and alternative health care – there is invariably more than one right answer, and it behooves us as a people to allow, even encourage this discussion, for it is what leads to progress, instead of dead ends like the one I fear we are facing with this vaccine program.

If all you have is a hammer, all your problems start to look like nails. People aren’t really behind the vaccine – they are behind what they hope the vaccine will do. And no one is really sure what it will do.

What should we know twenty years later? A rising tide floats all the boats – if one loses, we all lose, and until we embrace that, there will be pain, bloodshed, and war. But when we do, we can pool our resources to make a kinder, gentler world, where respect transcends conflict, and love conquers all.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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