Where Is Chiropractic?

May 8, 2017
Dear Doctor,

You may already know of the editorial and scientific resource “The Vaccine Reaction,” published by the National Vaccine Information Center and Barbara Loe Fisher, whom I have long admired. On April 22, they ran an article about a project investigating an obesity vaccine, and their remarks are insightful, philosophically relevant, and entertainingly educational.

Entitled “Obesity Vaccine Wins First TVR Golden Fleece Award,” it comments on the controversy over vaccination and illustrates the fallacy and misguidedness of confusing prevention with treatment.

Originally, vaccines were intended to prevent infections by alerting and conditioning the immune system with appropriate biological material to inspire pre-defense. But now, a new entity known as “therapeutic vaccines” is blurring that definition, as the Food and Drug Administration changed their regulations in 2010 to permit the study of “vaccines” for assorted cancers and other non-infectious

One of the targets of this flurry of related inquiry is the obesity and weight loss market, affecting up to two-thirds of our population. If there were such a thing as an uncomplicated obesity vaccine, it would be a godsend, saving untold suffering and squandered human capital.

Yet, vaccinations are rarely (if ever) uncomplicated. Whenever we introduce foreign matter into the blood, the body adapts with a cascade of immune responses, which alter the physiology in some predictable and some unpredictable ways. Here’s a glimpse into the thinking of these authors:

“Simply put, how can a vaccine for obesity be a good idea when science still has not defined all of the environmental causes and biological mechanisms for why and how some children and adults become obese, separate from the obvious: poor diet and lack of exercise? Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?”

“What if a major cause of the obesity epidemic, especially among children, turns out to be chronic inflammation induced by constant atypical manipulation of the developing immune system with too many vaccines given too early in life, setting up genetically or epigenetically predisposed children for a lifetime struggle with weight control because they are unable to resolve inflammation?”

Those researching the obesity vaccine propose that it alters growth hormone metabolism by inhibiting somatostatin. It also suppresses ghrelin, a hormone that rises and falls with hunger, but has the side effect of easing anxiety. So, if ghrelin is reduced, hunger is mitigated, but then anxiety levels rise, and anxious people often… eat, creating a feedback loop of futility.

It’s just another example of interconnectedness. We cannot expect to tamper with the body’s most intimate biochemistry without some risks. There are surely people who need help to combat their obesity. But before two-thirds of our citizens opt for invasive medications or surgery, let’s establish a movement toward wellness, common sense and raised personal standards. Allowing that some may have a pathology that legitimately requires intervention, more could change their destiny with better lifestyle habits and decisions. First, do no harm – then move toward things natural.

Dennis Perman DC,
for The Masters Circle

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