Who Is Your COO?

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Dear Doctor:

I was concerned that Dr. Bob Hoffman’s opening class at SuperConference was going to fly under the radar, and the content was so important I wondered if it would be lost amongst the eleven world class speakers – but my fears were ungrounded. Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a full embrace of a new concept – please let me share the foundational idea with you here.

When you imagine a “coach”, you’ll typically conjure up sweats, a sun visor and a whistle around his or her neck – not that it’s a bad metaphor, but it is somewhat incomplete. Motivation and suggesting or refining tactics are the domain of the coach, and coaching is a vital asset, not to be diminished.

But you are probably discovering that your patients are sicker now than ever — more stressed, weaker, less well-nourished chemically and emotionally, and with tremendous pressure manifesting as a spectrum of maladies, which has necessitated an evolution in your recommendations and in your care. We have discovered the same in the chiropractors we meet. Our profession is under constant siege from many detractors, and the needs of our members and prospective members have morphed, requiring some different types of interventions from what we have seen traditionally.

Bob’s insight into this dilemma spawned a paradigm shift – if you are the Chief Executive Officer of your practice, who is your Chief Operating Officer? While you are forging a vision for your practice’s future and acting as lead technician, who oversees daily operations, watches statistics, analyzes market forces, advises you on hiring and firing, fee policies, public relations and branding, problem-solving and so on – most likely you are taking away from your CEO responsibilities to do some of this, or an office manager does it, often with limited experience, or maybe no one does it at all.

That’s the problem – who is helping you run your business?

That’s where we come in. Our unique identity-based perspective qualifies us to custom-tailor our engagement with you, to fit your practice and your personality. Rather than defaulting to a one-size-fits-all mentality, we design our interaction with you around your goals and dreams, your individual skill sets, and your ultimate objectives – the way a dedicated COO would.

But instead of hiring an onsite, high-priced executive, often commanding a six-figure compensation package, you can enjoy that kind of service… for less than half of what you might pay a new CA.

This is a revolutionary approach in a chiropractic practice – yes, a chiropractic practice is unlike any other business, but it is still a business, and must be managed and guided to maximize both your impact and your profitability. Sound business principles, fueled by your passion and expertise, offer you an unbeatable formula, destined to cause you to achieve at your highest levels yet.

This is usually an editorial column, not a marketing column, and this subject matter may walk right up to the line of self-promotion. But I am aiming for a deeper meaning – yes, of course we want to help as many chiropractors as we can, for a wide range of reasons. But even more important than that, if you want to reach the heights of success and make the biggest difference possible for those you touch and serve, you must answer the question — who is your COO? Because without that answer, it’s likely that you are working harder and not necessarily smarter. Perhaps you could borrow on the common sense and good judgment shared by our world’s best entrepreneurial minds, the thought leaders who run the biggest and most influential businesses, and make sure someone suitable is playing the role of your COO. Your practice will flourish and your stress will decrease when you do.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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